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Osumare reinforces a bold attempt to institutionalise a culture of diversity consciousness and respect for differences in media practice in Nigeria. A practical response to a major gap that is central to what is understood and projected and which also is crucial to the attitudes that are formed by media practitioners and the general public on gender and sexuality issues, given the fact that majority of our people define their identity through the lens of the media.

The journal therefore shall strategically complement existing effort to restructure and divert gender and sexuality narrative away from the mundane to the more relevant issues that are capable of offering perspectives while shedding light on an issue that is at best contentious in our country.

Towards this end, the journal is committed to examining current issues relating to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) and human rights and the intersection between them, through a scholarly and practical dialogue that explores the multifaceted aspects of the subject. Osumare shall be a platform for evidence, analysis and opinions on these issues to ensure a credible, knowledge based engagement that speaks to attitudes and professionalism.

Editorial Board:

Dr. Seun Olutayo

Prof. Lai Oso

Ms. Dorothy Aken’ Ova

Journal Editors:

Mrs. Esther Ajayi Lowo

Dr. Olumide Popoola

Mr. Segun Sangowawa

Collaboration with UI Gender Studies Program

The status of understanding of core gender and sexuality issues in Nigeria, and the strategic role that the Gender Studies Program, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan can play in bringing the value of scholarship to bear on this subject is enough motivation to seek out a collaboration. Given the contentious nature of attitudes and knowledge of gender and sexuality which is largely driven by ignorance, we seek a platform that can be deployed to consciously study and understand the subject properly from historical and contemporary perspectives of our community living and to evolve sound theoretical and practical strategies that will acknowledge the multifaceted manifestation of these issues today. We have strong faith about what this collaboration is bound to achieve in deepening the knowledge environment of the subject.