Gender Based Violence And Its Forms In Contemporary Times

Taiwo S. Jiyah (Mrs)

Gender Studies Unit, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State.


There is no facet in life where woman is not important, be it family life, social life as agent of socialization, economic life as end consumers and petty traders or political arena. In a situation where there is daily interaction between men and women, boys and girls, there is bound to be violence, conflict and superiority, the oppressed and the oppressor. The so-called domestic violence and crime against women, therefore, may be a behavioral pattern that is adaptive in a disaggregated environment which is essentially devoid of the intention to harm. In the world of humans, violence is a normal part of life in everyday reality around the world, be it violence against women, violence against men, gender-based violence, intimate partners violence or violence among the same sex relationship.

This paper therefore focused on dividing line between Gender Based Violence and Violence Against Women as well as Violence among Same-sex Partners. It is an exposition of the various forms of violence against women and girls.


Gender, Violence, Oppression, Women, Religion


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